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This website is dedicated in supporting your way through standards on rechargeable batteries and system integration with them.

It contains a searchable database with over 400 standards. Search elements like ‘performance test’ and ‘design’ have been added to find quickly the set of applicable standards.

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Battery test standards cover several categories like characterisation tests and safety tests. Within these sections a multitude of topics are found that are covered by many standards but not with the same test approach and conditions. Compare battery tests easily thanks to our comparative tables.

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Evaluations of legislation and standardisation regarding rechargeable batteries have been taken together. They are easily readible due to the literature section.

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Shortened disclaimer

The information has been compiled as well as possible. However, the information proposed here does not replace the original test standards and do not give a full coverage of, amongst others, test conditions. The organisations that categorised the available test standards cannot be kept responsible for the final choice of test standards and test conditions by the website user