From 33 standards on battery testing the contents have been analysed. Per test category tables have been compiled that bring comparable test subjects together. These tables are available as html pages. Loading the pages can take some seconds before contents are shown.

Standards from the following organisations are covered: IEC, ISO, CENELEC, UL, SAE, UN, BATSO, Telcordia, US DOE, QC/T, Ellicert.

  • General overview
    • Overview of the subjects described in 33 standards about battery testing. Standards have been categorised according application and the test methods according to topic by means of colour coding. For each test subject is indicated if it is applicable on cell, module and/or system level.
      The table is split into two parts.
  • Characterisation / performance  tests
    • Description of the test conditions of  4 automotive standards on 4 topics regarding performance tests.
  • Ageing tests
    • Explanation on the charge retention, cyclelife and storage life tests in 6 automotive standards.
  • Safety / abuse tests
  • Material tests
    • No comparative tables available unfortunately. Only the IEC TS 62607-4 series seem to cover battery material tests.