ER G83/2


Recommendations for the Connection of Type Tested Small-scale Embedded Generators (Up to 16A per Phase) in Parallel with Low-Voltage Distribution Systems


This Engineering Recommendation (EREC) is published by the Energy Networks Association (ENA) and comes into effect from 1 December 2012 . It has been prepared and approved under the authority of the Great Britain Distribution Code Review Panel. The approved abbreviated title of this engineering document is “EREC G83”, which replaces the previously used abbreviation “ER G83”. The purpose of this Engineering Recommendation is to simplify and standardise the technical requirements for connection of Small Scale Embedded Generators (SSEGs) for operation in parallel with a public low-voltage Distribution System, by addressing all technical aspects of the connection process from standards of functionality to site commissioning. The procedures described are designed to facilitate the connection of Type Tested SSEGs whilst maintaining the integrity of the public low-voltage Distribution System, both in terms of safety and supply quality. This Engineering Recommendation provides sufficient information to allow: a) SSEG Manufacturers to design and market a product that is suitable for connection to the public low-voltage Distribution System; b) Users, Manufacturers and Installers of SSEGs to be aware of the requirements that will be made by the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) before the SSEG installation will be accepted for connection to the DNO’s Distribution System. PLEASE NOTE: Distribution Code Guidance Note 2/4 - December 2012. - *For all Small Scale Embedded Generators (SSEG) of up to 16A per phase, until 1 March 2014 it is permissible to connect to the general requirements of previous versions of G83 provided this is through an Inverter or Controller with a protection/control system that has either been fully type tested in accordance with G83/1-1, G83/2 or in accordance with G59/2. **After 1 March 2014 it will only be allowable to connect SSEG of up to 16A per phase that complies with G83/2.