FprEN 50438


Requirements for the connection of micro-generators in parallel with public low-voltage distribution networks


This European Standard specifies technical requirements for connection and operation of fixed installed micro-generators and their protection devices, irrespective of the micro-generators primary source of energy, in parallel with public low-voltage distribution networks, where micro-generation refers to equipment rated up to and including 16 A per phase, single or multi phase 230/400 V or multi phase 230 V (phase-to-phase voltage). In some countries this document may be applied to generators with higher ratings used mostly in domestic and small commercial installations. These countries are listed in Annex F. Whenever the scope is extended to equipment rated greater than 16 A per phase additional standards could be applicable. The electrical interface is the principal focus and this includes the method of connection, the settings and protection requirements for connection, the operation of the electrical interface under normal conditions, emergency shutdown, distribution network-independent operation, start-up and distribution network synchronisation. The provisions of this European Standard are not intended to ensure by themselves the safety of DNO personnel or their contracted parties. The intention of this European Standard is to ensure that the micro-generator satisfies appropriate provisions for • the requirements of the DNO, • information to electricians working in the electrical installation • quality of supply. The following aspects are included in the scope: • all micro-generation technologies are applicable. The following aspects are excluded from the scope: • multiple units that for one installation, in aggregate, exceed 16 A; • issues of revenue rebalancing, metering or other commercial matters; • generators never working in parallel with the public low-voltage distribution network; • requirements related to the primary energy source e.g. matters related to gas fired generator units; • intended network independent operation. NOTE If independent operation is intended, generally preliminary agreement of the DNO shall be obtained, however this is out of the scope of this document. Specific additional requirements most likely could be applicable.

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